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It enhances customer satisfaction by providing transparency over route details and package location. With the digitalization and automation of processes, logistics and transportation businesses can significantly reduce costs and time of operations. If you have one or two trucks now but have plans to grow your trucking fleet, scalability should be top of mind. With a scalable software, you’ll be able to easily add drivers, vehicles, equipment and more as your business takes on new opportunities. A trucking dispatch solution is a long-term investment, so think ahead and make sure it meets your short- and long-term needs.

custom transportation software

We always find and implement the most cost-efficient shipping software solutions for your business or enterprise. Chetu’s public transportation software solutions provide public transit agencies with enhanced fleet and passenger-oriented features for safe, simplified, and streamlined public transit experiences. Chetu’s experts develop custom dispatch software solutions that facilitate simplified and streamlined dispatch communications with built-in fleet vehicle telematics software, mobile functionality, and scheduling modules.

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Our programmers configure GIS and GPS software equipped with route optimizers, customer mapping, drive time radius, and other features displayed on an interactive map. Engineer customFMCSA/DVIR-compliant TMS software with built-in telematics systems to facilitate easy asset location tracking, mileage monitoring, and more. Integrate third-party mapping and GIS software APIs, as well as custom features for multi-destination scheduling, geo-fencing, fuel price tracking, and more. Digitize your route and tracking to gain real-time shipment visibility, address unforeseen issues from loading to unloading, and maximize OTIF. With our partners’ budget and software requirements being a priority, we offer subscription-based cooperation.

custom transportation software

Receive all your documents electronically – whether it’s the order from your customer or the bill of lading (BOL) from your driver. With BOL and point of delivery (POD) integration, Titanwinds ensures that your shipments make it where they need to be – and if they don’t, you have all the records you need to track them down so you can get paid. TMSCloud is an AI-powered cloud platform with carrier and shipper business functions designed to be accessible From any Location on any device. From dispatch to invoicing and settlements, TMSCloud simplifies everything and provides peace of mind.

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With automated decision-making, advanced analytics, and process digitization, you’ll end up with an innovative TMS that gives you a competitive edge. Get MaaS transportation solutions for B2B and B2C purposes in the logistics sector. Unleash the potential of city transport or car sharing services and make the solution convenient for users. Large businesses that use both private fleet and third-party transportation services.

custom transportation software

If you are a small to medium-sized business with relatively standard operations, then a SaaS solution may be your best bet. From real-time tracking and smart load filtering to seamless integrations with your current assets, you can adjust the functionality based on your unique needs. It also allows for future scalability and updates based on your evolving needs, while off-the-shelf solutions might need http://live-cms.ru/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=10&Itemid=2 more flexibility. Although custom development involves higher initial costs, the long-term benefits of optimized functionality and performance often outweigh the investment. This feature comprises custom shifts, driver shift control, and time-off requests for efficient management. Automation implies simplicity, usability, route optimisation and cost reduction in dispatch and carrier management.

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You need to integrate transportation software with legacy internal systems (ERP, WMS, an order management system, an accounting solution, etc.). You need TMS providing case-specific functionality, for example, custom formulas to calculate transportation provider ratings and transport costs or AI suggestions on optimal multi-modal shipment scenarios. Transport management software (TMS) helps businesses plan, organize, monitor and analyze transportation of their inbound, outbound and interfacility orders. Fleetable is a cloud-based platform that streamlines vital processes including order booking, invoicing and reporting. Its fuel sensor integrations can inform you of whether there are any fuel discrepancies so you can keep fuel costs to a minimum. More and more logistics companies are adopting innovative logistics solutions such as TMSs in their supply chains.

  • Our team can implement this tech to help you with staff and inventory management as well.
  • Each of these operations is packed with rich features that can streamline and revolutionize the way you do business.
  • We build on the IT domain expertise and industry knowledge to design sustainable technology solutions.
  • With the user-friendly dashboard, you’ll be able to easily manage driver and customer information.

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